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Browse in our new online store and purchase from existing inventory or have pieces made to your custom specifications. We offer a wide selection of wood species, hardware options, and custom finishes. We love collaborating on projects to make your custom pieces come to life. The possibilities are endless. In-showroom pickup or delivery is available. Shop with us today! 

New Life for Old Wood

Using reclaimed wood is a great way to apply unique style, interesting history, and sustainability to your projects. Most reclaimed wood has a weathered, worn-in look that proclaims a mysterious story and earned character. This wood can come from several sources—barns, factories, warehouses, mills, and snowfences. Reclaimed lumber often has increased strength from having been…

Custom Woodwork Entry Door

Custom Woodwork -We are Knot your Average Woodworkers

About AppWood AppWood designs and produces architectural woodwork for builders and owners who demand the highest quality and service available when building unique properties.  We are proud to have a talented team of craftsmen and experienced woodwork professionals ready to meet your needs.  Every project is one of a kind and we would be glad…